OSI Food Solutions Continues European Expansion

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OSI Food Solutions has expanded from its roots as a small neighborhood meat market into one of Forbes’ top privately-held companies in America with average gross revenue of $6.1 billion. The company was founded by a German immigrant. When he founded OSI, his main goal was to provide his neighborhood with access to a higher quality of meats than what was currently available in the area. He worked diligently to make sure that his neighborhood had access to the best quality of beef, steaks, poultry products, sausages and more.

The company was founded in 1909 and has grown rapidly for more than one hundred years into the entity it is today. Still headquartered in Illinois, OSI Food Solutions now has over sixty facilities in 17 countries. The company proudly employs more than 20,000 people across the world. It was named to the exclusive list of America’s Top 100 Companies, an extremely prestigious honor. The company has earned a sterling reputation both for the quality of its products as well as its dedication to providing the best possible customer service, exceeding any other company in the meat production industry. It is no wonder that OSI continues to grow and expand at a rapid rate. It typically expands by acquiring a multitude of other companies and housing them under the OSI Food Solutions group.

For example, OSI recently acquired Baho Foods. The company is based in the Netherlands and also has a major facility in Germany. However, the company provides quality meat to countries across Europe. According to the President and Chief Operating officer of OSI Group the purchase will help to give the company a larger European presence. OSI believes that the products offered by Baho Foods fit well with OSI’s current product offerings. Baho Foods provides retailers and convenience stores with deli meat, quality snacks and other convenience foods. Similar to OSI Group, Baho Foods has five brands underneath its umbrella. Those brands are Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren and Hendri van de Bilt Foods.

OSI Food Solutions also made major moves in its Western European markets with the expansion of its plant in Toledo, Spain. The demand for poultry products is rapidly increasing in Spain and Portugal and OSI Group sought to get ahead of the growing demand by expanding its current facilities and product offerings. OSI invested $17 million to bring those expansions into place and now has the capability to double the amount of chicken that the company provides.

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