OSI Group Grows in a Green Fashion

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OSI Group operates food processing facilities across the globe and continues to expand as they develop strategic partnerships with their customers. They do business with leading retail and food processing brands and offer an extensive array of services to enhance the value that their customers can provide with quality and locally sensitive food products.

The history of OSI Group stretches back over 100 years when they were founded by Otto Kolschowsky in Chicago, where they started out as a butcher shop and meat market for the local neighborhoods. Back then, they were called Otto & Sons and were a far cry from the more than 60 facilities in 17 countries that they are today.

Things started to take off for Otto & Sons when they started doing business with the nascent burger chain known as McDonald’s. By 1973 they had opened a plant that served Mr. Kroc’s company exclusively and this crucial relationship also led to the involvement of visionary CEO Sheldon Lavin in the seventies. Their growth trajectory has been steady throughout his decades as their owner and leader.

Environmental sensitivity is one of the hallmarks of OSI Group and it’s something that Lavin has been meticulously cultivating over the years. Their goal is to maintain positive and sustainable relationships with people, communities, and local environments in which they operate. They have received numerous accolades and awards in this regard and one, in particular, speaks to the dedication that they display. Their Riverside facility received the California Green Business Award for its commitment to environmental responsibility.

The ability to enhance their operations via strategic acquisitions has played a central role in the ongoing success of OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin. Their growth has been steady and broad-based throughout the world as they have expanded their presence in Europe and South America to name just two important places.

An excellent example of an acquisition that enhances their operations and abilities is the recent purchase of Baho Foods. This is a Dutch company that produces foods for Germany and the Netherlands and complements OSI’s European presence. This adds to their meat processing services and allows them to enter the space for deli meats and quick snacks.

Sheldon Lavin brought with him to OSI Group a strong background in banking and finance, which has served them very well. However, from the beginning, he had global ambitions for OSI and can truly be considered a visionary with extensive entrepreneurial instincts that have driven their growth and prosperity. He has continued his working career in his eighties due to his love of the job.

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