OSI Industries Leads The Food Network

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OSI Leads The Industry With Food Services

As the leaders in the food service industry, OSI Industries Ltd., has been established for well over 25+ years. They have always been able to produce food products that have allowed their customers to ensure they’re feeding from a completely nutritional meal with the best ingredients. They have continued to lead the industry with a willingness to comply by the strict rules of the the FDA and those set forth but international laws. OSI continues to go unmatched by competitor networks that don’t have an ability to produce the same food sustainability without tough penalties and fees. OSI is ready to compete in a complex food industry.

OSI Industries: Food Group Presidents Makes Business News

The OSI Industries Food Group allows thousands of members of many impoverished communities to grow their economic outlook. He has been able to create over over 2,000+ jobs worldwide. He is also the recent 2017 recipient of the Global Visionary Awards for his global job initiative. Today, his industry has on also been able to pioneer significant economic change through his position at OSI Industries Food Group Inc. You can learn more about David McDonald from professional LinkedIn account.

OSI Industries Recent Acquisition

It was important for OSI to take part in an acquisition to partner with a major EU food giant. They were able to secure a deal with Flagship Europe to process their food condiments and frozen poultry from one of their largest food facility plants. The deal continues to be a success for all parties involved and worth an estimated $7 million dollars. The OSI & Flagship Europe deal was also able to contribute to a larger business portfolio. Get the best out of your food services group with a FDA approved diet from OSI.

They have been able to purchase the popular Chicago Tyson food plant to process their food products along with their current Tyson foods. They were able to retain the jobs of hundreds of potentially dislocated workers. OSI understands how important it is for long standing plants to continue operations to feed their family and yours. If you’re interested in a unique job opportunity with OSI Industries, you’re invited to visit their website for more details on how to apply. Join the thousands of customers worldwide that feed on an OSI Industries Inc. diet today.

For details: inspirery.com/david-mcdonald/

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