Peter Briger Co-Chairperson Of Fortress Investment Group

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Peter Briger, a principal, a co-chairperson, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fortress Investment Group located in New York, has served this board since November of 2006 and was appointed as co-chairperson in August 2009. Mr. Briger went for his studies at the University of Princeton and obtained a Bachelor of Arts. He later proceeded for a Master of Business Administration from Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University. All through his profession, Peter Briger has made a good reputation of being dedicated capable leader.

Before he joined the Fortress Investment Group in the year 2002, he was a partner at Goldman, Sachs & Co., spending 15 years in that company. In Goldman Sachs, his primary responsibility was focusing on Asia, majorly in Real Estate. Mr. Briger also had membership on the Global control and Compliance, Japan Executive Committee and the Asian Management. This excellent work ethic that he portrayed played a significant role in the Fortress Group’s purchase of a Japanese financial holding company. In 2002 he joined Fortress Investment Group, his responsibility being that of Real Estate business and Credit.

Peter Briger had an interest in Bitcoin as he saw it as a new form of sending money instantly around the world and it was cheap. Briger, on behalf of Fortress Group, was so fascinated by this type of technology. He saw this as an opportunity for Fortress Investment Group and Wells Fargo that could offer the exchange of bitcoin.

Having other duties other than that of his profession, Briger has also joined in humanitarian efforts and assisting various communities. He serves on a non-profit organization board called Tipping Point. This organization focuses on helping low-income families which are based in San Francisco. Peter Briger is a member of Silicon Valley Leadership Council that serves the Global Fund for children. He likewise serves on the leading group of Caliber Schools, which are focused on getting ready students in their four-year college studies and beyond. Mr. Briger additionally is in the Council on Foreign Relations, a non-governmental organization working for the advancement of a better comprehension of the issues concerning foreign policy among both those in power and the citizens.

On The Forbes 400 list, Peter Briger is at position 317 with a net worth of 1.5 billion dollars. All his source of wealth is from the Fortress Investment Group’s, which oversees operations amounting to 43 Billion dollars. Mr. Briger held a position of the board of Directors of Princeton University Investment Company and likewise is a supporter of the Central Park Conservancy.

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