Philanthropist Jason Hope Invests In Discovering Anti-Aging Breakthrough

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The story of the fabled Fountain of Youth has long held humans enthralled with dreams of “what if?” This is true not just for reasons related to vanity and a youthful appearance but also with regards to health conditions related to aging. Aside from the myth, scientists have spent decades diligently seeking a means to slow down (or even stop) the inevitable aging process.

As we age, a number of health-related issues can arise which can take a toll on quality of life. Many can even be fatal. Advances in medical technology have improved some of these conditions, however, it is a sad fact that the primary focus is on treating the symptoms rather than curing the root cause. This casts a pall over the future of the individual diagnosed with the condition, leaving them with little hope.

One man has adopted a different outlook and, as a result, is taking a unique approach to such situations. Arizona entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope is dedicated to improving the quality of peoples’ lives as well as helping them to live longer, and he is using his own money to do so. He is determined to find a way to slow down or reverse the aging process. He has partnered with innovative organizations to discover a means of revamping the go-to procedures used by established healthcare organizations for viewing and treating the effects the aging process has on individuals worldwide.

Jason Hope is a primary supporter of the SENS Foundation, a charitable organization geared toward assisting the public with gaining access to cutting-edge technologies that can counteract the negative aspects of aging. Biotechnology is one of the main components of disease prevention the SENS Foundation supports. These types of scientific advancements and discoveries are at the forefront of rapidly developing means of improving the quality of human life.

Jason Hope has donated in excess of a half-million dollars of his own money to the SENS Foundation. He has often spoken of his great desire to see positive changes for the entire human race and has widely praised the SENS Foundation for its efforts to bring about these changes. Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation share the common vision of achieving success not simply in treating individual issues of these types, but rather of discovering and implementing ways to fully repair or altogether prevent the damaging effects of the aging process on the human body.

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