Reinstating The Role Of The Architects By Robert Ivy

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Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. This is the top most and the lawfully recognized body in the United States in the representation of the architects and professional designers. This body is currently headed by Robert

Ivy who serves as the CEO and the executive vice president of the Institute. Robert is a holder of a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Tulane University. He also holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts English from the University of the South. So, Robert Ivy is a qualified and a practicing architect in the USA. Robert is also a member of the “International Circle of Architecture Critics.”

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Since his appointment to this positions Robert Ivy has dedicated his time and efforts towards reinstating the role of architects in the society. Has brought back to life the forgotten impact or architecture in shaping the society we live in. He has made sure that architecture is no longer taken for granted. He has come in with a plan of rolling out public awareness among both the architects and public. Robert wants the architects to first understand their role and appreciate the important role they play in bringing the society together. He also wants the architecture industry to be recognized for touching base with the society needs. In some of his plans, Robert has seen the industry venture into sectors of public health through grants offers as well as initiating community projects and digital programs to educate the people.

Robert Ivy also came in with another plan. This is motivating the members of the society. How is this to be achieved? Robert reckons that for the architects to feel motivated, there need to be programs that will address their issues as well as one to educate the public about their roles. Robert has therefore initiated a plan to promote a national dialogue on the role that architects play in terms of both social and economic aspects. Architects role in the societal is not coincidental. They are the ones who plan all these structures we see around. So, why would they go unappreciated? These are the concerns that Robert Ivy is so much dedicated to seeing them happen.

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