Rocketship School Uses Inclusivity and Alternative Approaches to Encourage Dialogue on the State of Public Schools

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From humble beginnings in a San Jose church basement, the Rocketship school opened its gates ten years back. Over the years, the school has touched lives within the community. Rocketship school is among the first champions of personalized learning. Despite the school’s support for meaningful technology integration to enhance learning and grow student agency, it advocates for a greater understanding of students’ needs and interests. Using the teacher at student’s home model fosters better relations and a better understanding of how to serve the Rocketship students.

Rocketship hopes to change the current narrative by creating demand. The school offers its services up to the fifth grade. Persuasion from parents and other stakeholders has not deterred their determination to retain their current system. Instead, it has given them room to explain and implement their model better. The school is a parent centered institution. The current leadership program for parents offered at the school is meant to enable accountability, challenge parents to demand political attention, and improve quality in the public-school system. Their choice to offer up to fifth-grade education is to challenge fellow parents to advocate for better education using Rocketship’s model. One of their parents runs middle and high schools after being inspired by the school.

Teachers are the unifying factor at Rocketship School. The teachers are sourced using the best practices and go through training tailored to improve their skills. The institution welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and uses teacher diversity to create an integrated culture. The school also implements meaningful inclusion for students to help them develop holistically. Unlike other schools, they do not segregate students with disabilities. The founders of Rocketship take their children through the same system as they are confident about their approach and curriculum.

The school thrives in a culture that allows for innovation and alternative approaches, inclusivity and a different mindset. The flex model introduced in the school helped them evaluate the effect of student agency and coaching. They also developed insights on how to build a culture that supports consistent learning, goal setting, and feedback. It is no wonder most people assume the school is a private institution.


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