Securus Technologies Safeguarding the Prison Facilities by Using Modern Correctional Technologies

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Securus Technologies is a firm that that continues to make the correctional sphere, smarter and safer. The technologies developed by Securus Technologies are helpful for the corrections space, and its latest innovation, wireless containment system, has taken the entire corrections sector by surprise with its effectiveness. The wireless containment system would put an end to the contraband phones’ use inside the prison and the technology has also been tested and approved by FCC. The FCC has also mentioned in brief it gave that it would reduce the paperwork and formalities for wireless containment system’s installation so that more and more correctional facilities can start using it soon.


Recently, the United States was in shock when one of the videos by an inmate went viral. In the video, an inmate posted a video online on Facebook using a contraband phone. The inmate was also brandishing a sharp knife in the video, which showcased how easy it is to find a knife as well as a contraband phone inside the prison. People started to question how secure are the prisons, if at all. The families and friends of the inmates across the country started asking the prison authorities and also started to worry about the safety of their family member or friend who is incarcerated. The problem of the contraband phone is nothing new, and even though the inmates are allowed to keep the phone or call their family members, the contraband phones are preferred because they are cheaper and unsecured.


The contraband phones are also used by many of the prisoners to keep in contact with their criminal network outside the prison. Many of the high profile criminals who are serving jail time use the contraband phones to control their illegal activities from inside the prison. It contributes to increasing the crime rate in the society. The use of contraband phones has to be stopped, and Securus Technologies has finally found a way to achieve it. Securus Technologies is one of the most trusted names in the corrections sector, and its new wireless containment system would ensure that no contraband phone is allowed to make calls or receive calls.


The contraband phones cannot connect to any of the networks from inside the prison. The wireless containment system would block all the contraband phones from connecting to the commercial networks. So, even if the inmates have been successful in hiding their contraband phones anywhere in prison, they would not be able to use it. The contraband phones’ use has to be stopped as many inmates are also using it to threaten the officers and even civilians with whom they have past grievances against. One of the consultants with Securus Technologies, Robert Johnson, who used to be corrections officer was also shot at his home because he managed to confiscate contraband worth over $50,000 in one go.

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