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For internet marketers, being able to drive traffic to an online business is crucial. However, what is even more important to any online business is conversions. Turning visitors into customers that spend money on the products and services being offered. While awareness that a business exists helps its online visitor rate, converting those visitors to paying customers is what helps businesses become profitable and grow. Sentient AI has created a platform that can help increase conversions and the amount of money that visitors spend on the products and services offered on business websites.


The first step in the conversion rate optimization process is for the business to decide whether they want to optimize the number of clicks a website gets to raise brand awareness or the number of visitors that become paying customers. Sentient AI will then create and perform a series of A/B and Multi Variate tests ascertain what elements of the website need to be changed to begin to increase its conversion rate.


Once the testing is complete, Sentient AI will then analyze the results. At that point they will be able to identify two important pieces of information. The first is what changes need to be made to the website to increase its conversion rate. The second piece of information Sentient AI will be able to glean from its analysis is how people visiting the site are interacting with it and how to improve that interaction and increase conversion rates. Another way Sentient AI can find out what the potential customer is looking for in an ideal experience with the site and what will improve conversions is through conducting surveys and polls.


The user testing Sentient AI performs can help to provide a holistic view of the way prospective customers see their interaction with the site. It can reveal the elements they liked and things they didn’t like. This information can be used to judge the experience the visitor had on the site, help to identify ways to improve the user experience, optimize the site to turn a higher percentage of prospective customers into buyers and to increase the conversion rate.


The initial testing is only the beginning of the conversion rate optimization process. For consistent long-term results, testing must continue to be done periodically. This will enable the site’s owner to identify and adjust to changes in the interests of the visitors to the site.

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