Stephen Rotella is a Key Player in the Financial Services Sector

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Stephen Rotella is president and CEO of the prominent StoneCastle Partners. He directly participates in the management of the daily activities of the firm. He also teams up with other executives to set strategy and direction of the company. Steve has played a formative role in developing the company’s cash management solutions. He has steered StoneCastle Cash Management, an independently owned firm, to a top provider of cash management solutions for institutional investors and financing alternative investments for regional financial institutions and community.


Steve Rotella has three decades of experience in operating and strategic leadership, particularly in the financial service and banking industry. He has in-depth expertise in marketing, product innovation, Internet banking, management of large-scale operations, and retail. Steve worked at JP Morgan for 18 years as the head of Chase Home Finance, one of the leading home lenders in the U.S. He also sat on the executive committee of this company.


Community involvement


Steve is a lifelong participant in community projects. He supports community foundations that focus on helping the economically disadvantaged, improving home ownership, and promoting arts. Currently, he is involved in offering leadership and advice to LIFT and SUNY Stony Brock School of Business as a board member. Previously, he was a member of ArtsFund, Ballet Met, The Seattle Foundation, and the Youthcare.


Steve Rotella joins LIFT as a board chairman


In 2015, LIFT named Steve as the chairperson of its National Governing Council. Michael Gilligan, an accomplished executive and active supporter of LIFT’s projects, left the position vacant. As the board chair, Steve leads other members in creating growth strategies for the company.


Kirsten Lodal’s views


Speaking after announcing the appointment, the co-founder and head of LIFT, Kristen Lodal, said that the company would benefit from Steve’s expertise. He commended Steve for his wise counsel during his tenure as the chairman of LIFT’s development Committee. Kristen added that the main goal of LIFT is to improve its services rendered to indigent parents of young kids as a strategy for directly addressing poverty issue in the U.S. Kristen confirmed that Steve Rotella is a thoughtful leader who will handle the board chair position diligently.

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