Stephen Rotella: The Cornerstone Of StoneCastle Partners

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This is the man at the helm of the StoneCastle Company, and he has been doing a good job at his post so far. With several years in the business, he is the perfect match to his current position in the company having proved and shown that he is a natural born leader.He has the business of handling the management of the daily operations and the strategic setting of the company. He also has to be the one who gives direction to the partners in this firm. One of the things that he has done exceptionally well at the company is the management of the cash and solutions that he has offered to the institutions and banks regionally.

The History Of Stephen

He has had over three decades of managing the strategy and operations in the banking, financial and other money institutions. He has shown some of the following skills that set him apart when it comes to the running and leading of StoneCastle Partners:

  • Internet banking
  • Retail banking
  • Innovation in products provision
  • Operations
  • Management on a large scale
  • Development within the organizations

All these skills were gained from the various places he has worked in over the years.He was at JP Morgan Chase for 18 years, and he served as the CEO of the Chase Home Finance department. It is number four on largest home lenders in the country. He was also serving as a member of the executive committee.

Alma Mater

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics together with an MBA in Information systems, all from the State University of New York

Stephen, The Philanthropist

Over the years, he has been actively participating in community services that aim for the boosting of the arts industry, the ability for more people to own homes and generally helping the underprivileged.

The Positions That He Serves

Apart from the grueling work of being the head of such a big corporation, he is also serving in the following capacities:

Board of Lift Community- this one works to end poverty of parents mostly

He formerly worked on:

The Board of The Seattle FoundationYouthcare and Ballet Met.ArtsFund

  • The Board of The Seattle Foundation
  • Youthcare and Ballet Met.
  • ArtsFund

He is currently residing in New York City.




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