Tarallucci e Vino’s Private Space and 2 of the Best Resteraunts

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2 of the Best Restaurants with Private Rooms and More

The Nomad

This restaurant can provide choices to suite several tastes. There is an atrium if you want a night sky event without actually going outside. You’ll dine beneath a magnificent skylight. If you want the night stars a little closer there is a cupola on the rooftop that you can fit a table in. This place accommodates even those who prefer a club-style atmosphere with Persian rugs and luxurious velvet seating. This restaurant is located in at 1170 in Broadway. It has several private rooms you can reserve as well here. But, the rooftop is the most popular.

The Spotted Pig

This is a all-American kind of place. Always a party in a very earthy and entertaining atmosphere. Making it the place to get the best french fries in town. Like a magnificent brunch? Theirs is the best in town as well! If you’re planning a small intimate gathering the room upstairs is quite suitable for that.

Tarallucci e Vino

One in action and one empty and I asked some questions. Basically, the smaller room which is the Mezzanine is a fully active wine cellar. You can have 30 it-down dinner guests or, you can have 80 cocktail guests. That says a perfect wedding reception or engagement party. What was going on at the time of my lucky and timely visit was a corporate gathering. The room has the most quaint furniture. All antique mirrors and cabinets and the most unique custom-made brick table.

The Loft was empty and very spacious. I was told it holds up to 120 guests. You could have a large birthday party or, again, a smaller wedding reception. The decor of the loft is stunning and unique. Custom tables and stunning artwork. This space is equipped with a bar and lounge area. You can look at the crowd from every angle with custom mirrors that surrounds the place.

Chef Ricardo Bilotta is the gastronomic artisan that serves up the most elegant and superior tasting cuisine in town. He lovingly takes care of superseding the expectations of their special guests in every room for every occasion to fill them.

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    Not only is this one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve ever tried, but, its two event rooms are just so creative and effectual. I got to see both. It is so important that rush essay can get all that they want from them which is so important too if they want.

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