The Brazilian Advertisement Guru Jose Henrique Borghi

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Jose Henrique Borghi is the founder of the Mullen Lowe agency. The ad agency is among the most powerful in the Brazilian media industry. Jose Henrique Borghi is the brain behind momentous campaigns such as Mammals of Parmalat that premiered children in attire that mimicked stuffed animals, singing memorable jingles including the Sazon’s hit songs Luciano and Zeze di Camargo. His successful debut in the Brazilian advertising industry began on a low profile characterized by indecision on the career path that perfectly suited him. An invitation by his sister to watch a performance as a junior high school student helped Jose Henrique Borghi discover to find his career. The presentation featured a show of commercial Vts at the Castro Neves Theatre, which won in Cannes.

Jose Henrique Borghi is a graduate of advertising and propaganda from the prestigious PUC-Campinas. He landed his first job at Standart Ogilvy agencies after graduation. After leaving Standart Ogilvy, Jose Henrique Borghi began Borghi Lowe initially as BorghiErh in partnership with Erh Ray. The company recorded dramatic success before acquisition by Lowe in 2006 to form Borghi Lowe agency. Since then Borgi Lowe grew and became popular throughout Brazil. Lately, the company merged with Mullen Lowe and Lowe & Partners to form Mullen Lowe agency. Jose Henrique Borghi assumed the title of co-chief executive officer together with his partner Andre Gomes.

Mullen Lowe ad agency currently provides professional expertise in business advertising and promotion. Jose Borghi, the company’s co-CEO can determine customers, cost-effective ways of reaching them and come up with strategies to stir their interest in buying services or products. Besides his CEO position, Jose Borghi further serves as Mullen Lowe’s advertising and marketing consultant, and among the most sought after advertisement and marketing consultant in Brazil. He provides customized, affordable advertising solutions to company throughout Brazil. Learn More.


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