The David Giertz’s Retirement Alternative

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David Giertz is a passionate advocate of financial planning and savings. He has spent the last 30 years working to help other people gain financial freedom and improve their economic astuteness. David has used his passion and experience to advise others on pertinent issues such as the need for Social Security in a retirement plan.

In the financial sector, David has established himself as an excellent executive. His career began at Citigroup as a Financial services adviser. David Giertz later served as an Area Director and Executive Vice President of sales at Citi. After Citi, he joined Nationwide Financial sales and distribution organization, as a regional Vice President. Revenues from seven states grew by 48% during his tenure. In 2004, he was president of the Financial Institutions Bank and later added Wirehouse Distribution Channel in 2009. His leadership grew the channel’s revenues by more than five times to $ 8 billion.

As president of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution Organization, he increased the profit margins by growing revenues and increasing operational efficiency. He oversaw the sale and distribution of the Private sector retirement plans, annuities, insurance plans and mutual funds through partnerships with banks, dealers, other firms, and warehouses.

He holds a BS and MBA from Millikin University and the University of Miami. David is a certified business coach and has four other certifications in the financial sector. He recently oversaw a research on consumer awareness on Social Security. The research paved the way for discussions on the ability of financial advisers to advise clients on Social Security and the perception of the consumers on the same.

According to David Giertz, diversifying savings is the best strategy to ensure a better retirement. So to maximize on social security benefits, David encourages you to forfeit the benefits till age 70. For David, retirement does not mean downgrading but rather maintaining the same stream of income through saving early.

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