The Future of Fashion and Technology According to Chris Burch, the Investment Genius

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The technological sector and fashion industry have experienced tremendous changes throughout the years. The one feature that has remained constant in the two industries is that they both evolve together. Over the years, the popularity of technology has grown due to fashion while Fashion has incorporated some technological features. Chris Burch has strived to describe the exciting journey of concurrent growth of technology and fashion.


The journey of the boom box


The boom box earned the loyalty of many music lovers back in the 70s since it allowed users to listen to their desired stations and music. The device had two cassette decks, allowing the user to play music on the deck and use the second one for recording. Various movies that debuted in the 80s included the boom box in their story lines, further increasing the popularity of this device. Music enthusiasts could be spotted from different corners of the street carrying their boom box. The music experience became personal after the launch of a more portable music-playing device called Walkman. Following the unveiling of iPod in 2000, the music experience became even more personalized. The above case study indicates that growth of technology highly relies on what people considers modern. Fashion designers are leveraging technology to develop products that suit the fashion preference and needs of clients.


Christopher Burch


Burch invests in a broad scope of industries, ranging from fashion, food service, hospitality, and real estate. He is the founder of globally recognized Burch Creative Capital and serves as its chief executive. He is the co-founder of the successful luxury fashion brand called Tory Burch. Mr. Christopher Burch has been leveraging the power of branding to differentiate his brands from others that are present in the market. Today, he applies his deep understanding of marketing to promote his products.


In 1976, while pursuing his degree at Ithaca College, Burch joined forces with his brother, Robert, to launch Eagle’s apparel. This startup specialized in acquiring and selling sweaters. It made a profit of $5 for each sweater it sold. Eagle’s apparel increased its operations to other campuses and then to retail stores. Within a decade, the startup had grown to $140 million in sales. Burch and his brother sold the company partially in 1989 to Swire Group and fully in 1998. In the real estate sector, Burch joined hands with hotelier Alan Faena and architect Philippe Stark to develop the Buenos Aires-based Faena Hotel + Universe.

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