The Futurist, Jason Hope

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It’s easy to say that Jason Hope is a futurist but it’s meaningless if you don’t know what a futurist is. So what is a futurist?

A futurist is a person that studies current trends to make estimations of the future. That sounds like the job description of a lot of jobs, especially in the business sector. But a futurist is not just looking at numbers and statistics they are also looking at competing companies and consumer behavior on an inter-personal level.

Jason Hope’s work revolves around his belief in the power of the Internet of Things. The term Internet of Things is coined to refer to how most innovations in today’s world, and likely the future, rely on the ever expanding access to the internet. With the internet as the backbone of a business, both now and in the future, Jason Hope spends a great deal of time not only studying current business trends but also what people are asking for, or proposing in investing.

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A large portion of Jason’s time is spent on reading and reviewing business ideas from young aspiring entrepreneurs. Combining these ideas with the conversations consumers have regarding the technology they have or want allows Jason to not only see the future of technology but invest in it as well. Jason has recognized that most innovative ideas do not come from businesses but come from individuals instead. When a business wishes to improve the way they do things they often wish to adopt ideas someone else has already tried, tested, and proven. It is the consumers that often come up with new ideas based on something they want to see. Jason makes it a point to not only study but also to hear from these individuals that have new needs and new ideas. This is where Jason Hope’s expertise as a futurist to study the trends allows him to succeed and be part of the projects that will change the way we interact with the world.

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