The Law Is Clear, With Bruno Fagali

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As the leading Brazilian Administrator of Corporate Integrity, Mr. Bruno Fagali is widely known for his vast capacity of extensive legal skills. Mr. Fagali administrates what many consider to be one of the most essential publishing institutions for commercial marketing in all of Brazil. Bruno is the chief controlling force behind the Law & Ethics Business Organization. Bruno Fagali concentrates his focus on the many legalities that are behind Anticorruption, Public Legal, Electoral and Compliance laws for Brazilians.

Bruno Fagali proudly accomplished a Master’s in the field of State Litigation, from the famed USP. Mr. Bruno Fageli perfected his proficiency, centered on Managerial Law, certified by both the PUC and FGC. Bruno’s field of knowledge is principally centered on Public Administrative groups. This is primarily to avoid any improper actions in the administrative arena.


The commercial marketing & publishing enterprise, Nova/SB, is in charge of the communication infrastructure all throughout his homeland of Brazil. Nova/SB places the focus of their actions to correspond with the public’s needs on a personal level. Nova/SB is the first Brazilian foundation to focus their communication infrastructure within the company, People’s Interest. Nova/SB places this breadth of know-how on running their commercial publishing movement. Nova/SB is thought of as one of Brazil’s foremost and revered advertising institutes. They stay current on a complete collection of specialized services, in addition to production and media concerns.

Nova/SB’s Corporate Integrity plan connects directly to the Department of Transparency and the Control & Regulation section. Nova/SB is the Brazil’s first publishing & commercial marketing enterprise to generate such a guideline for anti-corruption laws. They’re the only Brazilian institute that has been encouraged to connect with the advertising crusades, creating both local and foreign appreciation.


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