The OSI Group Looks To Europe For Expansion

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Europe has a thriving market with many millions of consumers. Under such circumstances, it is hardly surprising that American companies look for ways to break into the European market. One company that is taking on Europe is Aurora, Illinois based OSI Group. They are one of the nation’s leading providers of quality meat. They offer many products that consumers adore including many poultry items as well a vast array of beef choices. People love their chicken nuggets and chicken patties. They also love their meatballs, meatloaf, pizzas, genoa salami and the many other types of delicious food items that help brighten even a gloomy day. Under the leadership of David McDonald, company officials have decided to take a new step into the European markets. In pursuit of that goal, they have just announced the purchase of a leading European food vendor and retailer. This new acquisition is expected to further allow the company to diversify into new markets and continue to provide opportunities for their loyal employees.

A Netherlands Based Business

Baho Foods is a Dutch manufacturer. Like OSI Group, they are also a strong presence in the retail food industry. The Netherlands based company has been a part of the food retailing industry for many years. Over time, Baho Foods has expanded in over a dozen European nations. During that period, they have open opened up five different subsidiaries in several nations including Germany and the Netherlands. The result is a highly developed network that allows Baho Foods the ability to consistently respond to the demands of European consumers effectively and efficiently. They hope that this new acquisition will be the benefit of both companies and help them thrive. John Balvers is Baho Foods managing director. As such, he is an expert on the European food market. He plans to stay on in the new company. His goal is to help with the merger and make sure that his company and OSI Group are able to continue to function well and provide the kinds of food products that consumers can count on for many meals each week. His team of skilled managers intend to work with staffers at OSI Group in what they know is sure to be a highly successful partnership. They are very happy to take the helm and join in with one of America’s most respected companies in order to continue to seek out international growth.

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