The Real Real Is Introducing It’s Online World To Main Street With Pop Ups

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In times when the typical brick and mortar retail shops seem to be floundering and struggling with the challenges of competing with online shopping, the Real Real has innovated it’s way into both the online and brick and mortar world with style and success.

The company was founded on the idea of providing its customers with a luxurious fashion and jewelry consignment shop to sell or purchase luxury items that are certified by an expert in each category of luxurious items from Coach handbags to Rolex watches.

In addition to their fast growing online presence they have a location in SOHO in New York City and have recently launched into to the “Pop Up” concept across America. The pop up stores are a new trend in retail where stores are opened in big city locations for just a temporary time frame that allows customers to become familiar with brands they may have only known online.

The temporary location lets customers come in and physically touch and see the products, experience the brand and get a feel for how the business model works as well as allowing the staff of Real Real a chance to interact, assist and educate customers about the company and store.

The Real Real is determined to make 2018 the year of the Pop-up. Taking their online presence across the country and introducing it to consumers at the street level. When the company introduced a pop up in 2016 to New York City, they brought in over 2 million dollars which enabled them to open the SOHO location.

A recent pop up in San Francisco last November resulted in an online growth of 500% from customers living in that area. So the results are speaking for themself and the company is planning their next physical pop up in Las Vegas. The awareness that it is helping to bring has resulted in their website to surpass 7 million members and is really growing both buyers and sellers. Most of the sellers have never consigned before and are learning that one man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure. As long as the Real Real experiences this kind of growth and response I’m sure we can count on seeing many more Pop Ups from them.

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