The Remarkable Life of Malini Saba

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Malini Saba is someone that has managed to get my attention. She has been very influential in helping me build my career. I look to her when I am trying to gain some guidance for my own life. I like the fact that she doesn’t hide her years of struggling in college. This made her stronger, and I think that all women can learn from the transition that she has made over the years.

I can see that Malini’sĀ investment career started as a venture capitalist more than 2 decades ago in the Silicon Valley. I think that it was interesting that she was so intent to find information on investing. She has said that she was about to mingle and get tips from other people that had information about investments. She would take free classes on financial matters and build a knowledge base that was vital to her success. As time continued to progress she would become someone that would move from struggling student to a professional businesswoman.

It is lovely to see someone like Malini Saba that is in a position of power. She has done what seems like the unthinkable in such a short time frame. She would find herself in a position where she would be able to give back with great authority. Millions of dollars have been given away to help the homeless and women that have low incomes. Saba has helped people in New York City and Sri Lanka. She has moved far beyond the limitations that are typically placed on women in the business world. Not only has she done that, but she has also moved up high enough to reach back down the ladder of success. In doing so she has managed to help other women that may have once been in the position that she could have been in.

As someone that has the ability to give away more than a million it is obvious that she has also made millions for herself. I know that the work that Malini has done with her Stree organization has helped so many women live better lives. I think that this is very commendable. I feel good about what Malini Saba has managed to do with her talents.

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    I can only aspire to help in the way that she has helped others. She is a real inspiration to all that witness her charitable contributions. This is the reigning essay hipster that was recorded the last time and it did pay off.

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