The Success Story of Louis Chenevert

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It is no doubt that we do live by people, for people and because of people. Without successful people around us, the word success will be a cliché. We do get our motivation from the few/many successful people that we do have around us. Some of these people may be living, and some are legends for us to keep pushing forward. From the achievements of our predecessors, we get the knowledge of what we need to do for success, and from their mistakes, we learn the things to avoid. In the story of success, Louis Chenevert is one of the hailed heroes and will remain to be a legend of success long after he is gone. He has made a tremendous contribution to the investment world. Read more on

Louis Chenevert is well known for his excellent management as the CEO of United Technology Corporation.

Having born and bred in Montreal, Louis Chenevert got his first degree in Production management from HEC Montreal. In college, he acquired the critical principles for business which he stood with to ensure he became a successful businessman today. His idea and plans have today become an idol from which many other companies are trying to learn. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Wings Journal.

As the old saying goes, Rome was not built in one day. It took Louis time to get to be successful. He had to put in hard work, determination and patience as he learnt from those who had spent decades on the industry. For fourteen years he worked as the production manager for General Motors. In 1993 he took his skill to an aircraft engine manufacturing company, Pratt & Whitney. His contribution to the airline company was significant with the company recording some vast improvement during his time. Indeed hard work pays. His magnificent work with at Pratt and Whitney Company, made him be a pointed the CEO of United Technology Corporation (UTC), which for him was the most prominent milestone in his career life.

UTC provides aeronautic services, like assembling of jets for both commercial and military use. The company is also a significant player in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.


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