The Winning Streak of Susan McGalla

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Susan McGalla is one of the most active entrepreneurs in her field, and she is a woman. While many others of her gender state that they have a hard time reaching positions such as the CEO, CFO or Director of a company because of the preconception and strong prejudice against women, Susan McGalla is here to tell everyone that… It is possible!

Susan McGalla began her struggle when she entered American Eagle Outfitters. She started low, but that didn’t change her attitude. In a few months, Susan McGalla had already been promoted to the next position, and that continued to happen until she was rewarded with the position of President of the corporation American Eagle Outfitters.

She would then exit the company, having earned enough business experience and insight on leadership and entrepreneurship to continue paving her way to the strongest companies in the market.

After leaving American Eagle Outfitters, she founded the financial consulting company “P3 Executive Consulting.” From her foundation, she earned thousands of dollars, and it was a success, so much that it allowed her to continue pursuing her career at Pittsburgh Steelers.

At Pittsburgh Steelers, she worked as the Vice President of the Business Strategy and Creative Development department, where she is the second most-respected and prominent leader of the corporation. This is the position she now holds today, in 2017. It is a big change of perspective considering where she began, in the lowest ranks of American Eagle Outfitters.

At Pittsburgh Steelers, she made a genius marketing to win the reputation that she now holds today. With the “Wear what we wear” campaign to promote the Pittsburgh Steelers, the businesspeople above her thought it was a success, and her marketing and financial management skills continued to bring her to better and better positions.

Susan McGalla believes that every woman can achieve their dreams if they know how to compete and to make a difference. In a company, the highest positions are awarded to those who can show that they are a valuable asset to the team, and that their skills can be better used in higher positions with more control of the situation.

That is how you win the marathon.

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