Thor Halvorssen Fight for The Rights of Individuals All Over The World

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Thor Halvorssen is a world renowned human rights activist. He has spent the better part of his professional career fighting for the rights of those that have been oppressed by either dictators or governments. His work takes him to remote areas of the world to personally negotiate or plan a way to regain freedom for those that are imprisoned or run the risk of being captured. He has even been in situations where he has almost been captured himself. That does not stop him, though. He is committed to making a difference in the world just as his parents had done.12)

One of the reasons he chose human rights activism is because his family has been victims of corrupt government practices. His mother was attending a peaceful protest of the dictator Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and his men shot and killed her. His father was a high ranking official that exposed corruption within the government and he was captured and tortured. Thor himself was the one to negotiate his release. He has been involved with negotiating for political prisoners ever since. He has formed an organization called the Human Rights Foundation that enlists the help of devoted professionals from all over the world to work together to coordinate human rights activities.

Thor Halvorssen has even created a yearly festival called the Oslo Freedom Forum that attracts people from all over the world to discuss pressing issues in human rights. The festival is a week long and features many activities and guest speakers. Thor is also a popular media consultant in his spare time. Many of the largest networks in the country seek his advice about important issues in the country. He is also featured in many magazines and newspapers. No matter how busy he gets, however, Thor Halvorssen finds ways to keep connected with everyday people in countries all over the world that require his help.

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