Three Strategies Samuel Strauch Uses To Succeed In The Real Estate Business In A Fast Changing World

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Samuel Strauch is the principal and founder of Metrik Holdings. It is a real estate company that provides equity sourcing, brokerage, development and management of real estates in Latin America and South Florida.

Mr. Strauch founded Affinity Realty group in 2002 in Miami to offer real estate services. The company grew and expanded to countries in Latin America, eventually, evolving into today’s Metrik holdings. Here are three reasons he gives to explain the success of the company in this fast changing world.

Having trust and reputation
The company, Metrik Holdings, has built its formidable reputation over the years with its impressive track record. Samuel Strauch believes that people are attracted to his business partly because of its reputation and partly because of the trust gained from former clients. Besides, the company has stood out as extremely analytical and dynamic, attributes which attract most investors in a fast paced market.

Recognizing, Accepting and Planning for Change
As a leader, he acknowledges the rapid changes today on people’s view of life and ideals. He accepts that the society is going through a remarkable transformation. The way people, travel, work and live is changing. Mr. Samuel Strauch also understands that real estate industry will be affected immensely. To ensure he retains relevance, he leads Metrik Holdings investing in companies, industries, and projects that can adapt to the foreseen changes.

Transparency, Collaboration, and Accountability
According to Samuel Strauch, transparency, cooperation and accountability form the fundamental base of any successful relationship. He says being extremely transparent is the key to the company’s success. They let everyone know what they are doing, why and how they do things. Since such openness is rare in real estate, clients are pleased when they find such a trustworthy company or person. He adds that it also ensures collaboration and accountability.

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