Tony Petrello: A master of problems solving

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Tony Petrello is one of the most prominent business executives of our time. His contribution to the growth of Nabors Industries is one of its kind. Anthony Petrello has recorded massive success at every single stage of his life. Right from his childhood when he beat the shackles of poverty, Tony has continued to be a shining star at all stages of his life. Before joining Nabors Industries in 1991, Tony Petrello worked for as a lawyer in a New York-based law firm known as Baker & McKenzie. He was the managing partner of the firms New York offices.

Tony demonstrated great mastery of law. He was specifically very good on matters of corporate taxation. He had the capability of breaking down complex business litigation cases into simple solutions. His prowess in problem-solving is what attracted Nabors Managers to approach him with an offer to join the company. Tony Petrello never missed a chance to represent a client in a case where his expertise was needed. He showed great ability in litigating matters that affected his clients.

Before even becoming a lawyer, Tony Petrello was a mathematician at the Yale University. As a mathematician, he dealt with proving mathematical theories that remained unresolved at the time. In combination with Serge Lang, a professor of mathematics at Yale, they solved numerous mathematical theories.

Tony Petrello has been applying the skills he has gained from these two earlier careers to propel Nabors Industries into excellence. His job as the CEO involves making important decisions. However, this has never been a tricky situation for him since he has been dealing with finding solutions to various problems all his life. Tony Petrello believes in teamwork. It is for this reason that he is always looking for talented individuals who he can incorporate into his team so that he can realize the goals that he has set out to achieve. He recognizes that he alone cannot achieve everything. He needs a team that can work beside him.

Through his efforts, Tony Petrello has been able to accomplish great success with Nabors. He has been able to make the firm the biggest in the world today. He has also made an effort to see that the firm has business operations in the whole world. The firm has seen a huge increase in the profits recorded annually. The firm in recognition of his efforts awarded Tony Petrello the largest salary in 2014. He was the best-paid CEO among all U.S based companies.

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