Troy McQuagge; The Man With the Plan

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On January 10, 2017, the One Planet Awards and CEO World Awards were held. The One Planet Awards are the Grammys in the business savvy world. The One Planet Awards is a yearly occurrence that is a recognition program honoring CEOS and companies all around the globe. Organizations that range from public to private, profit or non-profitable businesses, the largest or the smallest of companies, even startups are eligible to submit nominations. Needless to say, it is a big deal, and not everyone gets to walk away with an award.



This year, CEO of USHealth Group Inc., Mr. Troy McQuagge was granted the title of the Gold Winner of the Year. A huge milestone for any CEO, seeing how this award can be severely competitive. When McQuagge gave his acceptance speech at the event, he removed the spotlight off of himself and humbly passed the credit along to USHealth and their dedicated, committed advisors.



McQuagge joined USHealth back in 2010, only 7 years ago, and was immediately set on turning the company around by rebuilding the distribution agency. With his work, he’s resulted in record breaking sales every year. His success led him to move on to be President and CEO of USHealth Group Inc. Even after he was named the president, he went on to vow to continue his growth policies while working with the board and steering the company to corporate practices and social responsibility. The company of which Mr. McQuagge is the president and CEO for, USHealth, is an insurance based company that offer a countless number of plans that can be catered down to the absolute need of their clients. Many of those who own a small business or is self-employed find USHealth is the way to go. McQuagge didn’t walk into being a president and CEO of a rising company blindly; he has had over thirty years of experience in sales related positions. Originally from Panama City, Florida, Troy McQuagge received his hard earned education from the University of Central, Florida. Now he resides in Coppell, Texas to be closer to his job where he manages the profitability of sales and health insurance of USHealth.



All in all, Mr. Troy McQuagge deserved to be named the Gold Winner as CEO of the year. He is a hardworking individual, extremely determined to make USHealth better every single day, and cares about his advisors and loyal customers. McQuagge has set the bars high for other CEOS all around the world by continuing to put in more work than necessary, staying humble, and gratifying the business he works for and his advisors rather than himself.



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