Unique Waiakea Volcano Water

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The Hydration Institute found itself covered in a brief segment of John Oliver’s news satire show. No organization typically wants such coverage, but this strange institute only got a few seconds of air time. The Coca-Cola executives who came up with the idea probably felt some relief that they were not the main target of the comedian’s piece. However bogus the institute may be, no one questions that hydration is an important part of health. While soda and other sugary beverages can provide someone with needed water, there are many other items that can do it as well. One good product that does not increase the consumer’s risk of developing Type II diabetes is Waiakea’s volcanic water.

This all-natural bottled water is organically sourced and the company uses sustainable business practices. Environmentally conscious consumers can take pride in knowing they have chosen a product that does not increase space in landfills and does not endanger wildlife. Health conscious consumers can take comfort in knowing that the water is rich in electrolytes and other necessary minerals. The filtering process the water undergoes on the slopes of the Muana Loa volcano make the water slightly alkaline. It even has ingredients that help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease when consumed on a consistent basis.

Organic bottled water may seem like a misnomer, since neither minerals nor water are what chemists consider to be organic compounds, despite these compounds and elements being essential for life. However, the word organic has a different context when used in this context, and the Waiakea volcano water is organically sourced. Consumers can drink the water with a clear conscience and enjoy the health benefits. They should also enjoy the taste of this unique brand of bottled water from the first sip to the last. They can also do fun things with the bottle afterwards.


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