Using Proteins to Regrow Tissue: The Work of Cameron Clokie

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In the world of medicine, the most recent field of expertise is the are that was first called “regenerative medicine” in 1992, where researchers and scientists are figuring out ways to regrow tissues and muscles.

The field is a branch of a part of medicine that is called “translational research,” and doctors that have specialized in regenerative medicine study tissue engineering, a crucial part of human biology and anatomy.

In regenerative medicine, professionals also work in a molecular level where they have to incite and promote growth, sort of convincing the stem cells of the patient to form the necessary molecules and repair a damaged tissue. There are dozens of ways to “convince” and incite the stem cells to assume the correct structure, and it is the job of professionals in the area, like the renowned Cameron Clokie, Chief Executive Officer of the company Induce Biologics.

The doctor is also a professor at the University of Toronto, where he has given classes on dentistry and oral surgery, his former specialty. Now, however, the doctor has found a now passion inside medicine: In regenerative medicine, Cameron Clokie fell in love with the wondrous ways that professionals can regrow damaged bones and tissues.

Cameron Clokie has already performed therapies and treatments with tissue regeneration, where he used materials and components to induce the restoration of a tissue to bring back its normal functions. Mainly, that started with two patients, both of them victims of tumors that were eating their tissues away.

Cameron Clokie has performed extensive research on how to stimulate stem cells and what kind of ingredients were the best for such stimulation, later finding that the use of specific proteins together with other cells were enough to make human embryonic stem cells restore other parts of the human body.

His researches in the field have won him countless praises and the reputation of the doctor Cameron Clokie is legendary, with only a few years in the field of research. Cameron Clokie has his name in many therapies because of his dedication to finding out new ways to apply regenerative medicine in different therapies and treatments.

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