Video Chat, a Groundbreaking Cross-communication Platform, Honored for Improving Communications

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Since the full version of Video Chat went live in early 2016, Talk Fusion has been enjoying the limelight and receiving awards. Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) held Communications Solutions Products of Year event twice in 2016. In both events, Video Chat won the Communications Products of Year Award.


TMC introduced the Annual Awards to honor leading-edge products and services, which facilitate data, video, and voice communications. Additionally, they must have been introduced to the market or impressively upgraded in the past 12 months.


How does Video Chat work?


Users start by visiting Google Play or iTunes stores, downloading the app, and then installing it on their smartphone, tablet, or any other modern mobile devices. Once the installation procedure is complete, they can use the app to speak to their loved ones, friends, or close business associates anywhere in the world. Video Chat has a beautiful interface and depends on WebRTC technology to function. Talk Fusion inaugurated the full version of this groundbreaking cross-communication platform in March 2016.


CEO Bob Reina stated that Talk Fusion is on a mission of improving communication and helping businesses to grow. Therefore, more complimentary and advanced applications are in the development phase. Ryan Page, who holds the role of the chief technical officer, congratulated his colleagues at Talk Fusion for their achievement.


Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is an innovative company behind the Video Marketing Solution package. It focuses its energy towards assisting businesses to cement a top spot in the industry, enhance sales and generate more revenues, and create a loyal client base. The company avails innovative strategies for making marketing more engaging, enjoyable, and profitable with video. Bob Reina directs the day-to-day operations at Talk Fusion. He launched the company into the direct selling sector back in 2007.


Talk Fusion believes in sharing success and spreading messages of hope across the globe. In April 2016, the firm inaugurated a Charity Account program to take charitable giving to a new level. Since the launch of the program, numerous nonprofit organizations globally have enjoyed the warmth and profound benefits originating from Talk Fusion’s unending passion for giving back. Through the Charity Account program, charities can create awareness and encourage significant community participation without depending on their limited budgets.


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