Vinod Gupta, Chairman Of Everest Group And Multi-Hundred-Millionaire

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Vinod Gupta is currently the Chairman and Managing General Partner of Everest Group, also known as Everest Capital Partners, which are both located in Omaha, Nebraska, where Mr. Gupta has spent most of his career.


Mr. Gupta is an immigrant from East Asia, specifically Rampur Maniharan of India, having spent his younger years in an incredibly poor village that ultimately, he says, fueled Vinod’s drive to succeed in business here in the United States of America.


After he left India in his early 20s, he immediately landed in Omaha, Nebraska, and soon attended the University of Nebraska. Although Mr. Vinod Gupta already had a college degree from India, he was certain that landing yet another college degree – Vinod Gupta would ultimately earn two more from the University of Nebraska – from a top-notch university in the United States, where academia is generally considered better than anywhere else in the world, would boost the prospects of his then-young career. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.


He found a job at The Commodore Corporation in 1971, just months after he left college with an MBA. In short, the company asked him to create a list of potential business customers. Vinod Gupta completed the task, but kept the list for his personal, entrepreneurial endeavors, as he realized just how difficult the job was due to few data storage options.


That’s exactly why he created InfoGroup soon after. Over 36 years after foundation, it was sold for $460 million.


Mr. Gupta today spends most of his working days devoted to planning his business’ operations in respect to the far-off time horizon. Everest Group says Vinod Gupta in his recent interview with the IdeaMensch, buys other businesses on a regular basis to boost its pocketbooks more effectively than investing in traditional financial instruments could possibly be.


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