Visit Napa Valley and Earn as a Travelling Vineyard Guide

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Napa Valley is renowned for their legendary vineyard that produces some of the best winemaking grapes in the world. But, wine is just one of the few things that attract thousands of tourist to this area; there are other fascinating things to see and do in Napa. Instead of taking the routes of newcomers and tourist, you can veer off the road and get to explore the many sights that Napa has to offer.

Check out creative works at Napa art Walk

If you have an appreciation for artistic works and minds, Napa art Walk Exhibition is the place to start with; here, you find some of the most breathtaking sculpture in the world. Do not forget to carry a wallet because you might find one of a kind piece of work to own forever.

Check out the Napa Valley Historical Society

If you are a history buff and wondering how the Valley looked a century ago, make sure you visit the Napa Valley Historical Society. You will find a collection of Napa’s past, and you will meet local historians to provide you will the most obscure facts about the place.

Indulge in Olive at Round Pond Estate

If you have been wondering where some of the best olives are grown, then check out the Round Pond Estate, the place where world-class olives are produced using the old-world methods. You will get to know the entire process of producing olive oil traditionally.

Relax at the Auberge Spa

At Calistoga Ranch resort, you will find the best spa session. Therapeutic massage is just but a start here; there are couples of other interesting things to do here, from paint lesson, balloon rides, and yoga classes.

Earn as you Guide Other Wine Enthusiasts

If the idea of making a living as the best wine around the world surrounds you is appealing to you, then traveling vineyard has given you a chance of a lifetime. Travelling Vineyard allows wine lovers to make a living and still have a flexible schedule and pretty of free time to do what you love most. The sales life with the company is pretty simple, thanks to its system of support and training, you can dive right into it. As a Traveling Vineyard wine guide, you have a chance to make friends with similar interests in wine. What’s more, you will get to lead role and guide a wide variety of wine enthusiast through the entire experience.

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