Walmart Carries Beneful Dog Foods to Meet Every Dog’s Nutritional Needs

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When it comes to meeting your dog’s nutritional needs, Walmart has you covered. Beneful dry and wet dog foods are available at Walmart in-store and online. You can save some money by finding coupons on Beneful’s website, Beneful’s Facebook page, or in your local newspaper. Coupons can also be found in stores or in your Beneful dog food packaging. Walmart offers a variety of Beneful flavors as well as packaging sizes so you can pick the perfect meal to meet your dog’s needs. Beneful dry dog foods are available in bags as small as 3.5 pounds for $5.48, or as large as 40 pounds for about $33.98 depending on rollbacks and clearances.

If your pooch prefers wet food, Walmart has an extensive selection from Beneful as well. Cans of varying sizes and flavors can be sold individually or in packs. Beneful also offers resealable plastic containers in case your dog is prone to eat their wet food in increments.

Ever since Beneful was introduced the the market in 2001, Purina’s goal for this wet dog food was to promote nutrition and health for dogs. BenefulWalmart is made with real meat, in a variety of flavors, and packs in all the vitamins and nutrients your pet needs. Whatever your dog’s breed, size or age, Beneful has a healthy dietary solution for your beloved companion.

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