What’s Next For The Chainsmokers

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The Chainsmokers has introduced a new style of music to the masses. Though the band specializes in dance track that are upbeat, it has a good blended mix of romantic songs with pop appeal. In addition to that, the band has implemented a bit of indie as well as implemented some hip hop into the music. This type of electronic-dance music has created a whole new genre and nobody does it better than this duo. The Chainsmokers has just released a song that possesses a completely different tone. The song’s name is “Sick Boy,” and it’s actually a reflection of America’s current vibe.

This new track personifies the frustrations of musical artists. In life, everything doesn’t go as planned. Some people will definitely take shots at you if you’re an artist, and you’ll surely need to develop thicker skin. This is how the members of this exclusive band feels at certain times. The Chainsmokers has received a ton of success in a rather short period of time. Unfortunately, this success has attracted the naysayers in droves. When listening to “Sick Boy,” you can feel the frustration in the deeply profound lyrics. The dark vocals seem to melt right in with the instrumentals. The Chainsmokers’ “Sick Boy” track is basically a reflection of its environment.

This amazing band generally makes about one song per month, but the members decided to hibernate for nine months. Thanks to being under a reasoning type of record label, the duo gets plenty of free-range while working its magic. Of course, this can’t be said for every record label. The Chainsmokers are seeking even more success with the release of its new track, and the track shows just how much range the duo has grown. The future of EDM-pop music is in great hand and that’s a fact.


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