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White Shark Media is a premier digital marketing company that provides tailor made marketing services for medium and small businesses. The media company is based in America and the company has continued to grow throughout the years due to their reliable services. White Shark Media ensures that their clients receive top notch services for their Search Marketing campaigns for their clients. The company has a winning recipe for success which includes using the internet for their unique marketing strategies. In addition to this, they also utilize marketing tools that are cardinal to the success of any advertising and marketing campaign.

Some of the online tactics that the company uses include Google Analytics tools that they integrate into the system, and keyword tracking. In addition to this, the company uses software for proprietary reporting and competitive intelligence. Once the client starts using their service, White Shark Media ensures that they are fully engrossed with ensuring the success of the marketing campaign as they provide reports every month.

White Shark Media Services

White Shark Media has a bilingual work force which is talented. It caters to their clientele who come from both Latin and American descent. Currently, the company has over 150 employees working in three countries. The most amazing thing is that their first customer has stuck with them.

Some of the services that they provide expertly are Google Analytics, Bing Ads, AdWords Search, and Display Advertising. In 2012, the company was invited by Google to their headquarters and in 2014 they were awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB partnership. Microsoft has also partnered with the digital media company and as a result, they are also authorized to be Bing Ads resellers.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a media company that employs the use of online presence to ensure the marketing and advertising success of small and medium sized enterprises. The company started as a boutique agency, but it has managed to expand over the years.

White Shark Media was launched in 2011. The entrepreneurs’ main goal when they started the company was to capture the emerging SMB market in Latin America and North America. The company planned to do this by ensuring that they provide a unique angle of an online product and service. However, the success of the enterprise can also be attributed to the extensive experience that the founders had in online and offline marketing. The sky is not the limit for them as they plan to double their clientele base in future.

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