Wife’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis Changed Eric Lefkofksy Course

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Eric Lefkofksy may have remained with the legacy of being Groupon’s 2.2 billion dollar company in a company that connects customers and merchants. However, this had to change when two years ago, his Chicago art collecting and patron, Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnosis saw the family scrambling for information online, an experience that was not only terrifying but also frustrating. This turned out to be an opportunity for the entrepreneur to build a data business. In an interview, Eric said that a business is started once a discovery of a problem painful enough to want to spend time fixing is identified. That is how Tempus was born.

The company has helped come up with an operating system for cancer has been developed. This system connects molecular data and anatomic data with clinical data from different medical systems across the country. This information compiled in a single place gives doctors a better chance of making accurate diagnosis and advising on personalized treatment approach.

A good example is in a case of a combination of radiation and chemo can be adjusted for a specific patient based on historic findings of other patients with resembling medical backgrounds in the country. These conclusions are made based on the genetic makeup and the drugs consumed. The president of Tempus who is also the director of Genomics and systems Biology in the University of Chicago refers to Eric as a quick study. Despite the two having different backgrounds in their careers their united goal of desiring to take cancer to the next level has seen them come together. Data is a great part of ensuring that this is achieved in the nearest future possible.

Tempus is a platform that allows doctors to partner and share to learn more about their different patients. The university of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer center is the latest partner to come aboard. Other local hospitals have teamed up with Tempus to make this endeavor a reality. Lefkofksy understands that this will be quite the journey and no instant results are expected but a worthwhile one. He believes that the statistics that have been stagnant for 25 years where 600000 people die of cancer every year has to change.

About Eric Lefkofksy

Eric is the cofounder of Light bank and the founder and CEO of Tempus. He is also the chair and Co-founder of Groupon as well as the Co-founder of uptake technologies. He has been involved in a number of companies as a co-founder. He is also a philanthropist and he serves in different capacities in charity related functions. Eric on Twitter .

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