Women empowerment with Jennifer Walden

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To women, self-confidence is contributed to their physical appearance. Although your therapist said that what matters is the inside of you, you probably feel disturbed at the end of the day. It is important, to be honest with yourself, and go ahead and ask for help when need be. Jennifer Walden, a single mother by choice, has always been a feminist. She advises women not to shy off and hold back. Dr. Walden says that if you feel a particular body part needs adjustments, you should just go ahead and have it.

Dr.Jennifer says that the number of women in her line of profession is few. She says that many people who know her from undergraduate school question her decision. This is because surgery is considered as a field for men. Many women are unable to pursue the course, because of the long duration it takes before becoming a certified cosmetic surgeon. This means delayed marriage and bearing of kids as well.

Dr. Walden moved to Austin because she needed her twin boys to bond with her family. She admits that she wasn’t sure that she would get clients for cosmetic surgery in Austin. Surprisingly, on landing there, she already had two appointments of patients who needed breast surgery. It is then that she realized that Austin’s occupants, were in need of the cosmetic surgery like the residents of New York.

The Austin residents are lucky to have a professional cosmetic surgery. Dr. Walden has been in this profession for eight years. It is the passion to help her patients that inspire her to do her job. She says that if she woke up and realized that the work she was doing wasn’t beneficial, she would just quit. She wants to empower women, by ensuring their comfortable with how they look, to boost their physical appearance.


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